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Literature Review范文-Research and Writing a Literature Review

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導讀:Writing a literature review-Research and Writing a Literature Review,本文是一篇英國本科經濟學的Literature Review,需要用2-3段來回顧有所選擇的公司和企業社會責任(CSR)的文獻。該文獻應包括8個來源
導讀:Writing a literature review-Research and Writing a Literature Review,本文是一篇英國本科經濟學的 Literature Review,需要用2-3段來回顧有所選擇的公司和企業社會責任(CSR)的文獻。該文獻應包括8個來源,其中4個必須是學術來源,4個可以是非學術來源。
You should write 2-3 paragraphs to review the literature about your chosen company and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This literature should include a total of 8 sources; 4 of these must be academic sources, and 4 can be non-academic. Your academic sources could include: academic journals, and books (or e-books); your non-academic sources could include: magazines, newspapers, databases, online news (e.g. BBC news) or any other online sources which refer to your chosen company’s CSR activities in relation to your chosen stakeholder.

On Starbucks論星巴克

CSR means that companies are not only responsible for the stockholders but also responsible for workers, consumers and the environment( McWilliams, Abagail and Siegel, Donald , 2001). The center is to protect the legitimate interests of workers. The concept is first normally promoted by Oliver Sheldon. He connected CSR with the resposibilities enterprises had to satisfy within and out of the industry and believed CSR included ethical elements(Tilt,C.A.,2009).
星巴克是1971年在西雅圖成立的美國最大的咖啡公司。它主要從事咖啡、茶和蛋糕的制作。據星巴克公司介紹,目前星巴克在全球擁有2萬多家店面,發展迅速。星巴克這個名字來源于白鯨,它意味著公司的目標市場是一群享受生活、崇尚知識、尊重人性的城市白鯨(Jennifer Madison,2011)。消費者體驗是星巴克品牌資產的核心。星巴克逐漸將典型的美國文化分解為體驗元素:視覺上的溫暖、聽覺上的自由、嗅覺上的芬芳等等(Rork,Marc,2014)。Jesper Kunde在《企業宗教》(1900)中指出,星巴克的成功在于從產品到服務,然后從服務到體驗的轉變。星巴克成功地創造了一種以星巴克體驗為特色的咖啡宗教。星巴克的主要競爭策略之一是與咖啡館的消費者溝通,尤其是咖啡館職員與顧客之間的溝通(Strom,Stephanie,2012)。星巴克還通過收集顧客的建議來加強顧客關系。項目負責人每月都會公開閱讀客戶的建議(Schofield,Jack,2008)。Starbucks is the largest American coffee company founded in Seattle in 1971. It mainly does business of making coffee, tea, and cake. According to Starbucks Company Profile, Starbucks gained rapid development with over 20,000 stores worldwide at present. The name Starbuck originated from White Whale implied that the target market of this corporation is a group of urban white color workers enjoying life, advocating knowledge and respecting human nature (Jennifer Madison, 2011). Consumer experience is the core of Starbucks’ brand assets. Starbucks gradually resolves typical American culture to experiential elements: warmth on the vision, freedom on hearing, fragrance on smell and so on (Roark, Marc, 2014). Jesper Kunde states in Corporate Religion (1900) that the success of Starbucks is the transformation from product to service and then service to experience. Starbucks successfully created a Coffee Religion featured by Starbucks experience. One of Starbucks major competing strategy is communicating with consumers in the coffeehouse, especially the communication between coffeehouse clerk and customers(Strom, Stephanie, 2012). Starbucks also strengthen customer relationships by collecting customers’ suggestions. Project leaders would read the customer suggestions publicly every month.(Schofield, Jack, 2008).  
The operating guidelines of Starbucks is to be resposible to consumers at anytime. Starbucks proved their commitment by actions not only to give consumers the best service and also to make contributions to society. For example,Starbucks keeps a friendly relationships with the Salvation Army. On holidays, Starbucks provides a two- hour free delivery coffee service, and as a return, people donates for the Salvation army. To Starbucks, perfoming CSR is to operate coffeehouse by a way benificial to society, environment and the economy. Therefore, CSR is of great importance to a company' development,and indeed helps to solve the serious social problems created by companies. (Crowther, David, 2000),however,limited researches are focused on the effects of CSR to the free-enterprise system and interest maximization principle of the capitalist society.
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7. Schofield, Jack ( 2008). "Starbucks lets customers have their say", London:The Guardian . 
8.  Crowther,David (2000). Social and Environmental Accounting, Financial Times, p20.

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