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微信技術實踐的倫理困境The ethical dilemma of technological practice on

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WeChat can succeed in among smart phone applications, cannot leave the uniqueness of its technical architecture, WeChat software agility and accurate product positioning is the key factor for its success. Tencent positioned WeChat as an instant messaging software early in its development. At the same time, it shows the difference with other software. Agility refers to the ability of the WeChat team to modify and upgrade in a timely manner if there is a problem or vulnerability that violates the relevant regulations during the use. Therefore, this article would like to discuss the ethical dilemma of technological practice on WeChat.
Sharing and running in a network requires protocols. Protocols are the same across operating systems and carriers. If you need to extend new functionality in WeChat, you need to add new logic and protocols. If the content of the agreement is too large in other mobile software, it will cause conflicts (Lien & Cao, 2014). However, in WeChat, the protocol satisfies the condition of forward compatibility, and the newly added protocol can be regarded as supplementing and extending the previous protocol. During the generation of protocol code, there is no need for comparison, just use for description and then code generation tools. The addition of new logic often leads to an increase in data volume. The size of the program does not change much, and the new data will be stored in the original redundant space. This is because there is a flag field at the end of the original data storage space to identify the size of the remaining space.
對于微信中更復雜的邏輯,它被固定在后臺。在這一過程中,需要處理的問題主要包括存儲組件的擴展和屏蔽災難、監控報告、統計和監控框架,隨時添加新的邏輯、邏輯服務器容器的邏輯、10分鐘的內部S結構。服務器和客戶端自動代碼生成框架等。During the new release of WeChat, not all logical changes are released at once. In each update, only a part of the internal test users will be distributed, and after confirming that there is no problem, all users will be released (Dong et.,al, 2018) . The grayscale release will not go to extremes, so users have a better response. Move all users to system B and make a smooth transition using the traditional ABtest mode. In this process, some users use system A, others use system B. Through the actual application test, the problem can be modified in time.
For more complex logic in WeChat, it is immobilized in the background. In this process, the need to deal with the problems mainly include the storage components of expansion and shielding disaster,  monitoring reports, statistics and monitoring framework, at any time to add a new logic, logic of LogicServer containers, ten minutes of the construction of the internal Server and Client framework of automatic code generation, etc.
In the technical architecture of WeChat, clearer module design is adopted. In the whole large system, various functions of storage and logical structure are designed separately. In this way, in the process of WeChat operation, once a problem occurs, it can be timely discovered (Dai et.,al, 2015). WeChat, logic with similar functions will be placed in a unified storage space, and logic with different functions will be placed in different storage Spaces. In this way, there will be no contradiction and conflict between different logic, and when modifying one logic, it will not affect the normal operation of other logic. Among numerous logic, if need to modify and expand a certain logic, just need to find the corresponding logical block, and carries on the part of the change, don't need to modify them one by one the whole logic, greatly improve the efficiency. Finally, all the logical functions are provided to the user through the same interface to realize user-oriented operations.
By setting WeChat's name and avatar to an official account, you can impersonate WeChat's assistant and defraud WeChat users' information. WeChat has positioning function. By three-point positioning method, the location of the target can be determined, so as to obtain the location information of WeChat users. Shake function in WeChat can match users who use this function together at the same time, and provide information of both parties, which is easy to be used by criminals. In WeChat's friend circle function, strangers can view 10 photos of users without corresponding Settings. In this way, some criminals can obtain certain information from photos, so as to conduct targeted fraud (Lisha, et.,al, 2017). Therefore, WeChat users should turn this function off to prevent inadvertent disclosure of their private information. In addition, if WeChat users do not set up friend authentication, some people will send some interesting content or links to users after adding them as friends and include Trojan horses, viruses and so on. Once the user enters the content, the Trojan virus will invade the user's mobile phone and steal the information. Added in the new WeChat WeChat payment functions, there are a lot of potential safety problems, the lack of a digital certificate, the function such as identity authentication, only through bank card password to protect the security of funds, very easy to crack outlaws, resulting in economic losses.
For the traffic generated by the application software, it is saved through the Android simulator, installed and logged in WeChat, and then sent messages. WeChat runs most of the traffic generated on TCP port 8080, reserved for HTTP connections. However, Wireshark cannot parse an HTTP load. WeChat's communication protocol is custom, and the initial load is to recognize the initial header, where there is no HTTP session. The subsequent body of the message is associated with the opcode in the form of encryption. In version 4.3.5 of WeChat, there are some loopholes that can intercept the message body for fast decryption of traffic and send and receive user mail attacks(Yang, Chulu, & Danqing, 2018). Developers use unlicensed debugging infrastructure to debug WeChat, but attackers can also use it to steal users' private information. In addition, there are also significant vulnerabilities for remote logging. With this capability, an attacker can develop a malicious program to leak the ContentProvider. The appropriate debugging is then set up to obtain WeChat log records and control the server.
In the real world, people's communication activities are restricted by laws, morals, customs and other social norms, and the virtual and indirect nature of WeChat provides a virtual communication space for people. In order to avoid all kinds of constraints, some people prefer to use WeChat for communication and seek for knowledge. In the world of WeChat, communication object is not so much a real person, but rather a artificial intelligence, a strong communicative subjects have a reality, exchanges between the object and their interactions with the virtual sex. In such an environment, people get rid of the restriction of social norms and the influence of material factors in their communication and become more freewheeling. When people immersed in the fantasy, the reality of interpersonal communication ability will decline, leading to not adapt to the realistic social interactions, or virtual in a way for the reality of interpersonal communication, obviously the two interactions cannot agree, prone to frustration for communicative subjects, exclusion of reality. Severe frustration may cause people to abandon their real relationships and experience feelings of emptiness, anxiety, loneliness and insecurity. When an individual cannot get self-recognition in the real communication, he will seek for himself in the virtual communication, and then form two selves, namely the ego in the virtual world and the ego in the real world. These two selves are mutually exclusive and contradictory, and the confrontation between reality and fiction can easily lead to the split of personality. In addition, if people sink too much in the virtual world, they will ignore the real world. Human nature is a living creature in reality, the personality un-unity between the two worlds, and the neglect of the real world. As the subject of practice, people will have doubts about their real existence.

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