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导读:本科Coursework essays课程论文将发展与相关文献相关的论据,并通过实例或案例研究来说明这一讨论。而本文讲的是《坩埚》是韩国电影史上罕见的一部具有一定国际影响力的优秀电影。电
导读:本科Coursework essays课程论文将发展与相关文献相关的论据,并通过实例或案例研究来说明这一讨论。而本文讲的是《坩埚》是韩国电影史上罕见的一部具有一定国际影响力的优秀电影。电影的成功表明,电影的内容是否具有争议性和艺术价值,电影的发行体系是否能够使资源得到优化,电影的拍摄?#38469;?#26159;否真的能够引起共鸣和关注,是影响电影成功的关键因素。《坩埚》的成功为其他电影的制作、发行和营销提供了有价值的参考。


1.0 Introduction引言
The South Korean film "The Crucible" took real events occurred at a school for the deaf in South Korea in 2005 as model. The movie content was not only full of controversy but also sparked intense concern in the society and the subsequent series of judicial system reform in South Korea, it also got good economic benefits, it has become a rare good movie in the history of movies in South Korea which has a certain international influence (Koreanfilm, 2011). The success of the film not only relates to the subject, shooting style of the movie, but also lies in with the unique distribution and production system – indiewood of the movie. Therefore, this essay take "The Crucible" as a research object to explore its successes, based on the results of this study to provide valuable reference for distribution, marketing of other films.


2.0 Body主体
2.1 Introduction of "The Crucible"“坩埚”介绍
这部名为《坩埚》的电影于2011年9月22日在韩国上映。这部电影是根据2005年发生在韩国一所聋哑学校的真实事件改编的。在电影中,一位名叫?#31561;?#28009;的艺术老师偶然发现了性侵犯叶斗、yo ri、闵秀和他的?#20540;?#30340;事实。一天,叶杜被校长叫去他的办公室。在办公室里,电视开着,有裸体男女的照片。校长想?#32771;?#22905;,她挣扎着去厕所躲起来,但是校长在厕所里抓住了她并?#32771;?#20102;她。当yo ri九岁的时候,她被校长的弟弟?#32771;?#20102;,每次?#32771;?#22905;后,他们给她一千块钱买饼干。敏洙和弟弟也屡次被老师强暴,弟弟受不了身心的折磨,?#21592;?#33258;弃。校长和其他老师都是聋哑学校的老师,但他们对青年学生进行了性侵犯,犯罪性质很恶劣,而且社会应该有保护儿童的社会责任,他们还是使受害者成为性满足的对象,他们的性骚扰或性侵犯行为应该受到严厉的惩罚。Y受到法律制裁,但他们利用自己的权利,利用关系金钱逃避惩罚(MBR,2016年;Lee,2011年)。
The movie called "The Crucible" was shown on September 22, 2011 in South Korea. The film is based on real events occurred in a school for the deaf in South Korea in 2005. In the movie, an art teacher called Kang In-Ho stumbled to find the facts of sexual assault towards Yeon-Doo, Yoo-Ri, Min-Soo and his brother. One day Yeon-Doo was called by the schoolmaster to go to his office. In the office, the TV was on, there were pictures of naked men and women. The schoolmaster wanted to rape her, she struggled with him and went to the toilet to hide, but the schoolmaster caught her in the toilet and raped her. When Yoo-Ri was nine, she was raped by the schoolmaster, the schoolmaster's brother, they gave her one thousand won to buy biscuits after they raped her each time. Min-Soo and his brother had also repeatedly been raped by an old teacher, the younger brother could not bear physical and psychological torture and threw himself. The schoolmaster and the other teachers was the deaf school teachers, but they carried out sexual assault towards young students, the criminal nature was very bad, and, in spite of social responsibility of protecting children, they made victims become objects of sexual gratification, their sexual harassment or sexual assault acts should be severely punished by laws, but they took advantage of their rights, the relationship money to escape from punishment (MBR, 2016; Lee, 2011).
2.1 Introduction of producer
2.2.1 Sangeori Pictures
Sangeori Pictures is a small film production company that specializes on making best-selling novels into movies, such as "The Crucible", it is based on Gong Jiyeong’s novel, and “How to steal a dog”, according to Barbara O 'Connor’s novel of the same name. Sangeori Pictures is a small company, through cooperation with Fantagio Entertainment, CJ and other large entertainment companies in South Korean, it has involved in production, investment of a number of films which have a certain international influence, now it plays the roles of its strength in the productions of movies, "The Crucible" is the most classic example. Sangeori Pictures is now engaged in co-production and distribution of films not only with excellent production companies in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, but also with filmmakers in United States and Europe to co-produce films and attend famous film festivals, and it is by suppliers to export their own produced movies to lay a solid foundation for its’ going to the world stage. In addition, Sangeori Pictures builds an overseas strategic alliance with oversea brokerage firm to find a way for sending TV series and domestic artists in South Korea to the world. It is through the above efforts, Sangeori Pictures has become the South Korean film production and distribution company with certain international influence (MBR, 2016; Lee, 2011).
2.2.2 CJ Entertainment
CJ Entertainment is the largest media and entertainment company in South Korea. It releases 22 to 26 films in South Korea annually. The company is also responsible for authorizing and issuing South Korean films overseas. CJ Entertainment has been in engaged in constant pursuit of production of South Korean movies with a certain international influence. In addition to direct involving in issuing a series of films with high box office, such as “Masquerade", "A Werewolf Boy" and "Berlin", CJ Entertainment also take the form of indiewood of cooperation with other powerful movie studios to produce several movies with good reputation. Independent movies subject to the impact of investors relatively slightly in terms of subject matter, filming in the way, and ways of expression. They can relate to a range that mainstream films less involve, they can also show more personal characteristics of filmmakers. Limited by the lack of funds, management system, distribution channels and many other aspects, independent films do not get good box office, affecting the development of independent filmmaking (King, 2009). In this context, indiewood began, indiewood was a film movement that independent films were included in the traditional Hollywood producer / distribution system in the late 1990s. At the same time, it is a new production system which can be said that on the basis of keeping existing "independent position", independent filmmakers can have a access to treatment in mainstream film in financing and distribution aspects (King, 2009). In the form of indiewood, CJ Entertainment is through cooperation with other small but powerful production companies to release a series of popular but controversial films. For example, in 2003, in collaboration with Sidus Pictures, CJ Entertainment released the movie called “Memories of Murder”. The film is a story of serial murder crime and is has been elected as the best film of Cognac international film festival. "The Crucible" is also the result of implementation of indiewood system. Sangeori Pictures is responsible for production of the movie, CJ Entertainment is responsible for funding, movie stars, as well as distribution channels, which not only helps to play the roles of Sangeori Pictures’ strengths in the creative aspects of films, but also makes "The Crucible" have the same access to the equal treatment in financing, distribution and production as major films, which is a key factor ensuring the success of the movie.
2.2.3 Author of "The Crucible"
Gong Jiyeong is one of the most famous contemporary writers and the best-selling authors in South Korea's. She was born in Seoul in 1963 and began literary creation in 1988, her literary contents are centered around women, workers, the poor, and who have suffered discrimination. In 2009, her novel "The Crucible" was adapted into a movie released in 2011 and achieved great success. Gong Jiyeong is a writer with most social responsibility, most of her works focus on a variety of social issues in South Korea. Considering motivation of creating "The Crucible", Gong Jiyeong mentions that, in order to expose the dark side of the society in public, so that readers can feel the pain and injustice of the victims and at the same time, the public can also realize that those things without justice have repeatedly occurred. She believes that these events do not need to be ended with anger and tears, but to gaze the true until the end, it is important to remember the true forever, which is a solid foundation for salvation of hope (MBR, 2016; Koreanfilm, 2011).
2.3 Controversy on "The Crucible"

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